Friday, April 19, 2019 00:15

Once a year reading

the absolute soundIt’s Tuesday afternoon at CES and I’m in the Audionet booth at the Venetian having a chat with Tim Lukas of Audionet USA.  In a turnabout, he’s interviewing me as much as I am him.  When I ‘fess up about my years of writing for print media, Tim asks, “What do you think of  Stereophile and the absolute sound?”

I give a short, well rehearsed answer:  “I don’t read any of them.  It goes back to the years when I was reviewing gear and music that others might be commenting about.  I wanted to make up my own mind and formed the habit of avoiding other publications.”

I can be a bit more expansive (and accurate) here.  The fact is, I look at precisely one issue per year of both those magazines, and of The Audiophile Voice, What Hi-Fi? and other audio magazines I find on the help-yourself publication racks at CES.  I browse through them on the plane home (a one hour flight) and toss them in the recycling bin when I get to the house.

They’re generally moderately interesting, sometimes informative, often amusing or puzzling.  The best bit this year was the “Back Page” feature in the January 2013 issue of the absolute sound.  It’s a Q&A piece with the A parts coming from engineer Manny LaCarrubba of Sausalito Audio.  It’s a great read–not only interesting, informative, and amusing, but also IMPORTANT mainly due to LaCarrubba’s uniquely personal expression of a rational take on audio and music.

I hoped I could find it online and provide a link that would save you bothering with the other 231 pages of the issue.  No luck.   I suggest checking WorldCat for the absolute sound holdings at libraries near your ZIP code or maybe even sneaking a peek at a well-stocked magazine store.

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