Tuesday, June 18, 2019 06:45

Black HALOs

San Francisco (9/24/12) — Parasound has announced that its flagship HALO product line will now be offered in a black finish in addition to the titanium-silver finish that has characterized the line since it was launched over ten years ago.

My first thought was, “Black is so 2oth century.”  Then it struck me that in a home theater environment, less visually apparent black finished gear could be a good thing.  And Parasound points out that AV receivers typically arrive in basic black only and having a system with all components of a single color has appeal to many buyers.

Both original silver and new black finishes will be available throughout the HALO line and at the same price, starting with the HALO A 31 three-channel power amplifier.

I’m posting the press release and photos over at theSoundscape.net.


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