Tuesday, March 19, 2019 10:29

“Taking a Chance on LON”

LON speaker blackPaul McGowan (CEO of PS Audio) titled his daily post “Best $38 I ever spent.”   It impressed me greatly, even after (or perhaps because of)  his disclosure of a family connection.

Paul introduced the Little Speaker from the LON Little Shop in Boulder, CO.  It’s a Bluetooth speaker, runs for 5 hours on a full charge, charges with a USB cable, and according to Paul it’s musically rewarding.

There are a lot of Bluetooth speakers around.  Most of them are junk.  A couple of years ago I ran into an excellent sounding one at CES.   I even started working up a blog post about it, but somehow I couldn’t quite make it happen.  Part of the issue might have been the product’s use of surface excitation to get the sound out.  That’s a trick that has appeared off and on for decades to nearly universal disacclaim:  “Turn any flat surface into a speaker!!”.  Yeah, right.

Yet I liked what I heard at the demo table.  I believe that doubts about real world efficacy may have come around after getting home from the show.  The little device’s $70 price tag (MSRP…street price is quite a bit less) didn’t help either.

I noted in Paul’s post that he used  the Little Speaker successfully in various venues.  He’s also an attentive listener with a strong commitment to reproduced sound quality as a path to musical enlightenment.  I was nearly convinced.

White Little SpeakerThen I went to the LON Little Shop’s online presentation of the Little Speaker, liked what I saw, and got out my credit card in a hurry. The $38 includes US shipping, by the way. The only thing that slowed me down was making a decision between white (with black grille at the top) and black (with white grille at the top).  Had there been an all-black version, I wouldn’t have had to think about my choice.  But I did think and after doing so I went for the white cube with black top.  I figured that dust and dirt fall down onto horizontal surfaces and cleaning off a black grille would be easier than cleaning off a white one.

My order went in this morning.  A few minutes ago I received an email with shipping info and tracking number.  I’m pretty close to Boulder so I expect to be enjoying the Little Speaker in a few days.

I’ll post a quick in-use commentary after I do.


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