Tuesday, March 19, 2019 10:09

“There’s a Future in the Past,” so send money.

Documntary FilmHudson West Productions is developing a full-length documentary about Vince Giordano and The Nighthawks. That’s Vince there at the left with the classy tuba.  He also plays a less shiny but still impressive looking vintage string bass with an aluminum body.  He’ll also wield a bass saxop0ne, an instrument which has long been considered unwieldy.  He sings, too.  Hey, so did Woody.

The Nighthawks is (are?) Giordano’s fine big band.  It plays music mainly from the Jazz Age and  Swing Era but also handles post-WW II modernism very nicely, thank you.   Giordano and associates are the go-to gang when movie and TV producers want period authenticity in pop and jazz musical performances.  But much more to the point, they play for listening and dancing at all sorts of venues for the immediate enjoyment of real people right now.  They’re doing, in other words, what Ellington, Whiteman, Goldkette, Henderson, Redman, and many more did, but it’s not a nostalgia trip any more than a current performance of Beethoven, Mozart, or Verdi would be.

Every time Giordano and the Nighthawks play, they are doing the real thing.  Yes, it’s a recreation but not in the sense of Renaissance Fair jousting or Civil War battle reenactments.  It’s more like the vintage rule baseball teams which play real games with real scoring and real rules from back then.

Now for the money part.  There’s a crowdfunding component to the production. Indiegogo is accepting donations.  They’re offering perks, too, for certain donation levels, like public media and like contributions to public media, your donation is eligible for a tax deduction.  The goal is $168,000.  At this moment (including a few bucks from me), the total stands at $40,763 with 27 days left.   Consider helping.

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