Tuesday, June 18, 2019 06:39

“Mostly, they die.”

fishThat (approximately) was the answer offered by the Georgette Franklin character in a Mary Tyler Moore Show episode to explain why the pet shop she worked in sold so many goldfish.

I can’t remember the last time I’ve had to deal with a dead goldfish, but dead earbuds are fresh in my mind.  I’d guess that over the past few years, I’ve brought a half dozen sets into the house and thrown away most of them after they failed.

Okay, in some cases it’s “after I killed them.”  I’m rough on earbuds.  I use them as sleep aids.  It’s habit forming, but there’s minimal health risk.

In many cases, being trapped between my head and the pillow does in a pair of earbuds after a few months to a year.  Higher priced models are as delicate in this respect as cheapies.   The last couple sets that I threw out had list prices in the $50 to $80 range.  I didn’t pay that much, of course.

ath_ck313msv_1Now I believe that I’ve found a pair that will endure:  Audio-Technica’s ATH-CK313MSV.  The slight angle designed into the earpieces makes me optimistic.  They lie more snugly on the outer ear and that eliminates the straight-on pressure which is potentially damaging to earbud structure as well as uncomfortable.   That angle also makes it easy to distinguish left from right by touch rather than by trying to read the minuscule L or R on the housings.

I’ve also come to appreciate the right-angled plug which I criticized in previous report on an earbud model (since deceased).  The plug does still  get in the way on occasion but has the tremendous benefit of not disconnecting from the player at any slight tug on the cable.  The cable itself is fairly heavy duty and should hold up better than many that I’ve dealt with.

Finally and importantly, they sound good.

And maybe I won’t be shopping for a replacement set before they year’s out.


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